All members must serve on a committee every year for one semester of their choosing with the exception of their senior year. There is the Advocacy and Community Outreach Committee, the Fundraising Committee, and the Advertising and Social Media Committee.

Advocacy and Community Outreach

Chair: Sara Pyburn

The role of this committee is to find ways advocate for music education inside and outside of Stetson University, and reaching out to nearby schools to offer assistance, lessons, etc.

Sara Pyburn

Sara Pyburn (C/O ’24) is a junior Music Education Major.

Sara Pyburn (C/O 2024) is a junior Music Education Major from Deltona, Florida. Her major instrument is clarinet and she doubles on saxophone and flute. Currently, she is involved in Symphonic Band, Jazz Ensemble, Clarinet Choir, FOCUS Orientation, and School of Music Admissions. She also has started her private lesson studio for clarinet and saxophone students. After serving time in the Advocacy and Community Outreach Committee as a member, Sara is looking forward to leading as committee chair! Starting band in 7th grade, she has always had a passion for music. By the time she finished high school, Sara knew she wanted to teach to inspire future generations through music. After Stetson, she hopes to become a band director, continue to teach privately, and to perform in the area. She also wants to go to graduate school to pursue a Master’s in Conducting with a focus in clarinet.


Co-Chairs: Emma Ruiz

& Kyori Rivera-Camacho

The role of this committee is to find and maintain new venues of raising money for our chapter so that we can host events, bring in guest speakers, send members of the chapter to conferences, and donate money to schools, counties, etc.

Emma Ruiz

Emma Ruiz (C/O ’24) is a junior Vocal Music Education Major from Miami, Florida. She is currently involved in Concert Choir, Choral Union, ACDA and Instruments of Healing. She is looking forward to being CNAfME Fundraising Chair and continuing to grow her involvement in Stetson’s School of Music! She began singing in choir when she was in the 5th grade and continued throughout her senior year of High School. When she graduates she hopes to become a middle school or high school choir director.

Kyori Rivera-Camacho

Kyori Rivera-Camacho (C/O ’24) is a junior Music Education major at Stetson University. Born in Puerto Rico and Raised in Longwood, Florida, Kyori plays the clarinet and is a graduate of Lyman High School. Throughout his Freshman year, he has become an active member of the university through CNAfME’s Fundraising Committee and as a Focus Leader. An interesting fact about Kyori is that he used to live in California for a little bit when he was young!

Advertising and Social Media

Chair: Chloe Das

Ranking Member: Elizabeth Langston

The role of this committee is to advertise all events, fundraisers, and activities that the chapter is hosting and/or participating in. This includes making posters, updating some aspects of the website, and some aspects of the bulletin board.

Chloe Das

Chloe Das (C/O ’24) is a junior Music Education Major from the Tampa Bay Area. She picked up the clarinet in 6th grade and began playing saxophone in 7th. Chloe plays in several ensembles at Stetson including the University Symphonic Band and Clarinet Choir. She also works with the School of Music Stage Crew and helps write for the Presser Periodical. After graduation, Chloe wants to teach middle school band in Florida.

Elizabeth Langston

Elizabeth Langston (C/O ’25)  is a sophomore Music Education Major and a wearer of many hats ;)! She is currently a member of the Stetson School of Music’s Symphonic Band, Orchestra, and Trumpet studio. She is also an active member in FOCUS Orientation as well as Instruments of Healing. Her goal is to teach music wherever the world will let her.  Elizabeth aspires to follow every step in her journey with compassion, hard work, and honesty. She is always excited to do everything she can to make her impact at Stetson positive and effective. 

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