About Us

The National Association for Music Education is among the world’s largest arts organizations and serves as the national professional affiliation for music educators. Future music educators are eligible to join as collegiate members (CNAfME), which gains them access to numerous music journals and professional development conferences.

Music education majors at Stetson University are all members of NAfME, the Florida Music Educators Association (FMEA), and the Stetson University chapter of CNAfME.

What Do We Do?

Similar to our state and national affiliates, Stetson CNAfME serves in number of functions that aims to help our members prepare for their future careers as music educators all while participating in community outreach and advocacy programs. All of our members are eligible to attend the NAfME and FMEA annual conferences along with an annual Fall conference specifically for Florida CNAfME members.

One notable outreach program the Stetson CNAfME chapter runs is the annual Honor Chamber Winds & Percussion Festival, which provides local middle school students with an affordable way to experience an all-day chamber music experience.

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